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Integrated Arts Research Initiative

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The Integrated Arts Research Initiative (IARI) aims to infuse the arts into the research culture of the University of Kansas by advancing interdisciplinary projects that integrate ideas and approaches embodied in the arts. This initiative expands the Spencer’s Arts Research Collaboration initiative (2011–2015), which developed pathways for collaboration between the Museum and faculty, staff, and students across the University. Generously supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for its first four years (2016–2020), IARI provides opportunities for motivated students and faculty to engage in deeper and more sustained scholarly interactions with the Museum.

To that end, the Spencer offers research fellowships for University of Kansas faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate students from all disciplines to conduct research with the Museum. Each semester, the Spencer offers one undergraduate fellowship and one faculty fellowship. Graduate fellowships extend for one academic year. Fellowship opportunities will be posted on the Museum’s employment page.


For questions about IARI, please contact the Director of Academic Programs.

Celka Straughn
Andrew W. Mellon Director of Academic Programs